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What is CME

CME (see me) was originally planned to be a system used with Mobile Phones and GPS Devices - various shapes, sizes and types (more on this later), for kids, but with various issues in my local community - Krugersdorp/Roodepoort, the need to act is now.
CME will be a combination of GPS, GSM and Imaging. Basically the system will send photos from around the neighborhood every other minute to a central server as well as the physical location of the GPS device. With this information, we can track the individual's location to within 10 meters (network dependent). With the assistance of the imagery we will be able to get much more information as to how and why something might have happened.
Note, this is just a basic explanation.
In effect, we will have a bread-crumb history of the person's location with images to further secure our environment. There are more phases that will be included at later stages, but currently, getting this project off the ground is a full time job as it is, but we have a vision to make our local community a safer and more secure environment. Note that only individuals that the family "head" nominates, has access to the location services and NO ONE ELSE!
Once a fully operational system is up and running, examples will be placed on site for more clarity.
We need to get involved and exchange ideas and build a better and more secure living environment for all!

Who is CME

CME is the brainchild of REDC Solutions (PTY) Ltd, Specialists in Payroll and IT Outsourcing, and besides CME and Outsourcing we also do Software Development, Websites, Games and much more! REDC is a family-based business that have been running for about 7 years.
We are not sure what will happen with this project going forward, but very keen to see progress being made to secure our living area!!

How can YOU Help

We need to stand together as a community, we are stronger together, then alone - there is NO question about it!

If there is ANY type of assistance that you even think you can assist with, let's get together and chat. The best ideas come together with people that have a drive to succeed, and I see that the community drive is on the increase with all the news lately.
We are also looking at getting not only the local CPF involved, but various other institutions to increase the cause, and show everyone that we are not to be trifled with anymore!

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Henry Ford

Your Current Location

This is a section of the Technology that is used to track the person. Please note that this system is in-line with the POPI Act and will only work once the end user has agreed to do so.
Please note that you have to click on "Allow" or "Use My Location" depending on the browser you are using to enable the system to track your location. This is a basic overview of what the system does.
Once it has your location, it saves it to your profile and builds up a location based trail of where you have been. **Please note that this system is just a testing environment and NO DATA is being saved**

At the end of the day you will have a "bread crumb" system with your whereabouts for the past.

REDC Shop Opening soon!

Our store is in development and will be HERE once complete, please come back to see updates and specials!